Short Story #8-A Bright and Colourful Building Amongst the Black and White

This is the largest mural in Canada that was formerly a health centre and it’s located in Sudbury, Ontario. I saw this through a few social media apps but mainly on Tik Tok. My first thought was how beautiful it was because of the bright colours surrounding the entire building. Which is why I like it so much because I always had a likeness of bright colours in the most random places, including this one. I was happy to learn that it’s in Ontario and not far from where I live so it's likely that I will see it myself. The reason I admire it so much is because as you go on the freeway amongst the trees and grey buildings, you get this surprise of a large building that immediately catches your eye from how different it is from all the others. I know it sounds cliche, but it can be a symbol that not everything has to look the same. You can be different but still be unique in a way that can be admired. I sense that’s why I like it so much but overall anyone would like it.

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